Downloads page

The Downloads page has been launched!

So far it consists of MOHSH downloads but this will be updated as i get more time to do so.

If anyone has any suggestions please comment or contact me via [email protected]

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What games are people playing?

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Sense of Nostalgia

So I spent some time looking through my old Hard drive and found some mohsh screenshots from the past that made me want to play the game again. Upon looking at the game files i found the main theme from Mohaa. I decided to add this to the homepage for a sense of nostalgia.

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Kron has re-entered the building

To all those that don’t know Kron is one of the founding members of -|KaG|- back when it was (-:K.a.G:-) all the way through until it’s closure in 2015. We welcome you back Kron with open arms.

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Captcha added.

It’s the small things. Well, we got spammed so Captcha has been added to the forums login and registration.

KaG still fighting spammers in 2019 😂

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=|KaG|= Website to go live.

So today is the day we go live. For all who visit us thank you. Please join the forum and leave a post. I’m hoping to see some old faces pop up. Once we have established an agreed way forward for KaG we can get something moving. Really, I want to speak to Kron. So if anyone can get hold of him send him my way.

Until then we should Celebrate…

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We are Back!

We ride together, We die together. =|KaG|= clan for life!

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