KaG game plan  


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12/04/2019 4:31 pm  

I thought I'd make a post for anyone who has any ideas on what they think KaG should be looking to do or become in the future.

I'm happy to listen to all replies and come up with some common ground to move forward.

So first I wanted to set up a website to learn some Web design then I thought well what about and I remembered working on the KaG website and thought it was a great excuse to just memorialise KaG.

Then I thought well why stop there if we manage to get some people back together for some gaming why not see where that leads.

So as I see it if we manage to get enough interest we can look at these possibilities

1. Getting a dedicated server for some retro games.

2. Look at current games and choose one to roll with and get a team together. Look at possibilities for competitive play.

3. Look at multiple games on multiple platforms.

4. Become a community rather than a clan. (Play any game, just join in on chat/forums)

5. Just memorialise KaG as a place to share stories of years gone by.

Let me know your views.