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Assassin's creed origins  


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28/03/2019 10:46 pm  

Take the fight to Egypt in assassins creed origins. I'm a big fan of AC and I have played every console title except Odessey. Ac1 is one of my favourites because Altair was a bad man and it was the start of something special. AC 2, brotherhood n revalations were awesome and I loved ezio as the main character truly enjoyed his journey. AC 3 was great in terms of new Graphics and game mechanics but lacked in story and Character building. Black flag was a breath of fresh air and and one of my favourites by far. Something about roaming the carabbean slashing heads as a pirate was epicly satisfying.  Let's not talk about unity while I played it I was going through the motions and had no connection to the story or character. Rogue was a great take on the templar side of the war a d I enjoyed playing it even if I didn't like Shay that much.

Syndicate was great and on home turf two which gave it skme real depth and immersion for me as walking through places you've seen is just so cool.

Then on to Origins. Thry took us to Egypt finally. This game is the best of AC and has tidbits of most of ubisofts games.

Combat has been enhanced and is so much more free and challenging. You actually feel like you can fk up rather than block, parry and kill every man in sight.

The leveling system makes it seem like a far cry game the combat makes it feel like for honour and the mechanics are top notch. I mean watching sand storms roll in or a swam of locusts pass by or even burning cobwebs in tombs. It's the little things.

The depth is amazing. I felt like I was playing a movie.

Here's a music video using footage from the game.


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18/04/2019 6:23 pm  

This is available on Humble Monthly for $12 Once the subscription is activated, you can instantly cancel it. The Season Pass is $12 on the Uplay Store too

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What's humble dude?NNot heard of that before.