About Us

Our Story

=|KaG|= Clan was founded in 2005 by two friends who wanted to create something of their own.

Kron and Gonzo called the clan Killers and Guns. During its infancy KaG became a close knit family. They played regular wars had numerous servers for MoH Spearhead and even managed to hold their own against some of the best. As the clan grew so did the family atmosphere and people from all sorts of clans would pop on teamspeak for the banter.

After the fall of MoHaaSH in 2008-2009 the clan made the decision to move to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. There was much success in doing so even if i small group stayed with MOHaaSH. The clan went on to play in leagues such as CoD league and E-DOM. Even winning their e-dom division. The clan was thriving there were multiple teams for wars and even enough for full interclan battles. (Bragging rights) This was a great time for KaG and the success was felt by all.

This wasn't to last and with the loss of one of the founders the foundations were shaken but this wasn't the end. The clan bounced back and added Call of Duty Black ops to its list of games.

In 2011-2012, KaG moved to BF3 and 4 and lots of members decided not to move over. This, I believe, was due to lack of dedicated servers or customisation for clan admins. Gone were the days of "clan rules" and "Server Customisation's" and we entered the age of peer to peer or locked down "Ranked Servers" vs "Unranked Servers" This was a huge blow to KaG as a clan and many missed the mohaa/cod4 days.

Ultimately as the clan declined and the decision was made to close it's doors in 2015. And KaG has been in hibernation ever since.

From All those who felt KaG was like a family. We thank you Kron and Gonzo for all the time you gave to KaG.

Kind regards,


Next Chapter

We are proud to announce that =|KaG|= is back. even if it is just a name. Although, that's not to say in the future this might change. Some of the old members decided it would be nice to resurrect the website and keep the torch alive. That is why you are reading this today. If you want to show your support for us please register and post on the forums let us know you are still around.

Kind Regards,